lagna लग्न

Definition: लग्न p. p. 1 Adhered or clung to, stuck, held fast; लता- विटपे एकावली लग्ना V.1. -2 Touching, coming in contact with. -3 Attached to, connected with. -4 Clinging or sticking to, remaining on; उवाच रामं संप्रेक्ष्य पङ्कलग्न इव द्विपः Rām. 4.18.49. -5 Cutting, meeting (as lines) -6 Following closely, impending. -7 Busy with, closely occupied about; परे ब्रह्मणि को$पि न लग्नः Skanda P. -8 Fastened on, directed towards. -9 Ashamed. -1 -Consumed, spent; Ms.7.127 (com.) -11 Auspicious; (see लग्). -ग्नः 1 A bard, minstrel. -2 An elephant in rut. -ग्नम् 1 The point of contact or intersection, the point where the horizon and the ecliptic or the path of planets meet. -2 The point of the ecliptic which at any given time is at the horizon or on the meridian. -3 The rising of the sun or of the planets. -4 The moment of the sun's entrance into a zodiacal sign. -5 A figure of the twelve zodiacal signs. -6 An auspicious or lucky moment. -7 (Hence) A decisive moment, time for action. -Comp. -अहः, -दिनम्, -दिवसः, -वासरः an auspicious day, a day chosen as lucky for the performance of any work. -कालः, -मुहूर्तः, -वेला, -समयः auspicious time,the time fixed upon (by astrologers &c.) as auspicious for the performance of any work (marriage &c.). -ग्रह a. tenacious, insisting firmly on anything. -नक्षत्रम् an auspicious asterism. -भुजः (in astr.) ascensional difference. -मण्डलम् the zodiac. -मासः an auspicious month. -शुद्धिः f. auspiciousness of the zodiacal signs &c. for the performance of any work.

Dictionary: Apte
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