laghukoṣṭha लघुकोष्ठ

Definition: a. having an empty stomach; -kaumudî, f. the short Kaumudî (an abridgement of the Siddhânta-kaumudî); -krama, a. having a quick step, hurrying: -m, ad. quickly; -gati, a. swift-paced; -kit ta, a. light-minded, fickle; -ketas, a. little minded, mean-spirited; -kkhedya, fp. easy to destroy (prob. incorr. for -½ukkhedya); -tâ, f., tva, n. activity, nimbleness; lightness; buoyancy, light-heartedness;prosodical shortness; smallness, shortness; insignificance; levity, thoughtlessness; lack of dignity, con tempt, degradation; -patana-ka, m. (swift flying), Name of a crow; -parikrama, a. mov ing quickly; -pâka, a. growing old quickly; easily digested; -pâtin, a. (flying quickly), Name of a crow; -pramâna, a. short; -pra yatna, a. pronounced with slight effort; -bhâ va, m. ease; -bhug, a. eating little; -mûla, a. having insignificant roots, insignificant at the beginning; -vikrama, m. quick step; a. quick-footed; -vivara-tva, n. narrowness of aperture; -vritti, a. of a light nature, light; frivolous: -tâ, f. levity; -sattva, a. having a weak character; -samutthâna,a. rising up quickly, prompt; -sâra, a. insignificant, worthless; -hasta, a. light-handed, adroit (of archers, scribes, etc.): -tâ, f., -tva, n. adroitness of hand, dexterity; -hârîta, m. abridged Hârîta (author of a law-book).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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