laghu लघु

Definition: a term used in the sense of light or short as contrasted with गुरु meaning heavy or long, which is applied to vowels like अ, इ etc. cf. ह्रस्वं लघु P.I. 4. 10; (2) brevity; brief expression;cf. लघ्वर्थे हि संज्ञाकरणम् M.Bh. on P.I.2,27 Vārt. 6 also संज्ञा हि नाम यतो न लघीय:; (3) small, as qualifying an effort in writing or explaining something as also in utterance; cf. व्यॊर्लघुप्रयत्नतरः शाकटायनस्य P.VIII.3.18.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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