lākṣā लाक्षा

Definition: लाक्षा [लक्ष्यते$नया लक्ष् अच् पृषो˚ वृद्धिः] 1 A kind of red dye, lac; (largely used by women in ancient times as an article of decoration, especially for the soles of the feet and lips; cf. अलक्त; it is said to be obtained from the cochineal insect and from the resin of a particular tree); निष्ठ्यूतश्चरणोपभोगसुलभो लाक्षारसः केनचित् (तरुणा) Ś. 4.5.; Ṛs.6.14; लाक्षागृहानलविषान्नसभाप्रवेशैः Ve.1.8; Ki.5.23. -2 The insect which produces the red dye, -Comp. -तरुः, वृक्षः Name of a tree, Butea Frondosa.-प्रसादः, -प्रसादनः the red Lodhra tree (the infusion of its bark is used to fix colour). -रक्त a. dyed with lac.

Dictionary: Apte
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