kyac क्यच्

Definition: denominative affix (विकरण) in the sense of desiring for oneself, added to nouns to form denomitive roots; e.g. पुत्रीयति; क्यच् is also added to nouns that are upamānas or standards of comparison in the sense of (similar) behaviour: e.g. पुत्रीयति च्छात्रम्: cf. Kāś. on P. III.1.8, 10. It is also added in the sense of 'doing' to the words नमस्, वरिवस् and चित्र; e. g. नमस्यति देवान्, वरिवस्यति गुरून्, चित्रीयते; cf. Kāś. on P. III. 1.19.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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