kvibanta क्विबन्त

Definition: a substantive ending with the kṛt affix क्विप् (zero affix) added to a root to form a noun in the sense of the verbal action (भाव). The words ending with this affix having got the sense of verbal activity in them quite suppressed, get the noun terminations सु, औ, जस् etc. and not ति, तः etc. placed after them; cf. कृदभिहितो भावो द्रव्यवद् भवति. However, at the same time, these words undergo certain operations peculiar to roots simply because the kṛt affix entirely disappears and the word formed, appears like a root; cf. क्विबन्ता धातुत्वं न जहति. Kaiyaṭa's Prad. on VII.1.70.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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