kuru कुरु

Definition: m. plural Name of a people of India and of their country (situated near the country of the pañcāla-s;hence often connected with pañcāla- or pañcāla- [see kuru-pañc-below]: the uttara-kuravaḥ-,or uttarāḥ kuravaḥ-are the northern kuru-s, the most northerly of the four mahā-dvīpa-s or principal divisions of the known world [distinguished from the dakṣiṇāḥ kuravaḥ-or southern kuru-s ], by other systems regarded as one of the nine divisions or varṣa-s of the same;it was probably a country beyond the most northern range of the himālaya-, often described as a country of everlasting happiness[ etc.], and considered by some to be the ancient home of the Aryan race)