kuralaḥ कुरलः

Definition: कुरलः 1 An osprey. -2 A curl, a lock of hair.कुरवः (बः), कुरव (ब) कः A species of amaranth; [Barlaria Prionitis Linn] It is a handsome shrub. Kālidāsa describes the plant as कान्तामुखद्युति (cf. Ṛs. 6.18). Modern scientists describe it as a lipped flower referring to the form of its petals. कुरवका रवकारणतां ययुः R.9.29; Me.8; Ṛs.6.18. -वम् (बम्), -व(ब) कम् The flower of this tree; चूडापाशे नवकुरवकम् Me.67; प्रत्याख्यातविशेषकं कुरवकं श्यामावदातारुणम् M.3.5.

Dictionary: Apte
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