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Definition: कुप् I. 4 P. (कुप्यति, चुकोप, अकुपत्, कोपितुम्, कुपित) 1 To be angry, (generally with the dat. of the person who is the object of anger, but sometimes with the acc. or gen. also); कुप्यन्ति हितवादिने K.18; कुपितश्चन्द्रगुप्तश्चाणक्य- स्योपरि Mu.2; M.3.21; U.7; चुकोप तस्मै स भृशम् R.3. 56. -2 To be excited, to gather strength, be virulent; as in दोषाः प्रकुप्यन्ति Suśr. -Caus. (कोपयति-ते) 1 To provoke, irritate; to excite, agitate. -2 To stir up. -II. 1 U. -1 To shine. -2 To speak.

Dictionary: Apte
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