kumbha कुम्भ

Definition: m. pot, jar, urn (--°ree;, a. jar shaped); a measure of grain (=20 Dronas); du. frontal protuberances of an elephant; (a) ka, --°ree;, a. id.; m. n. religious exercise consisting in closing the nostrils with the right hand to suspend breathing: -karna, m. Name of a Râk shasa (brother of Râvana); -karnâya, den. Â. resemble Kumbha-karna (in sleeping long); -kâra, m. potter (a mixed caste); -kârikâ, f. wife of a potter; -ganman, m. ep. of Agastya; -dâsî, f. common prostitute; -dhânya, a. having only a potful of grain; -yoni, m. ep. of Agastya; -sambhava, m. id.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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