kukkuṭaḥ कुक्कुटः

Definition: कुक्कुटः 1 A cock, wild cock. -2 A wisp of lighted straw, a firebrand. -3 A spark of fire. -टी 1 A hen. -2 A small house-lizard. -3 The silk-cotton tree. -Comp. -अण्डम् a. fowl's egg; कुक्कुट्या अण्ड कुक्कुटाण्डम् Mbh. on P.VI.3.42, Vart.2. -आभः, -अहिः a kind of snake. -आसनम् a. particular posture of an ascetic in religious meditation. -मण्डपः 1 a place where one gets liberation (Jaina). -2 Name of a sanctuary in Benares; cf. मुक्तिमण्डप Skand P. -मस्तकः Name of a kind of herb (मिरीभेद). -व्रतम् a. vow observed on the seventh day of the bright half of भाद्रपद in honour of Śiva, by ladies for progeny. -शिखः Name of a plant (Mar. कर्डई).

Dictionary: Apte
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