kubja कुब्ज

Definition: कुब्ज a. [कु ईषत् उब्जमार्जवं यत्र शकं˚ Tv.] Humpbacked, crooked. अन्धाः खञ्जाः कुब्जा वामनकाश्च Garbha. Up.3. -ब्जः 1 A curved sword. -2 A hump on the back. -3 A sort of fish; Mb.7.56.8. -ब्जा A young female servant of Kaṁsa, said to be deformed in three parts of her body. [Kṛiṣṇa and Balarāma, while proceeding to Mathurā, saw her on the high road carrying unguent to Kaṁsa. They asked her if she would give them some portion of it, and she gave as much as they wanted. Kṛiṣṇa, being very much pleased with her kindness, made her perfectly straight, and she began to appear a most beautiful woman.] -Comp. -किरातः -वामनः a. hump-backed person and a dwarf. -गामिन् a. going crookedly, going astray; बुद्धयः कुब्ज- गामिन्यो भवन्ति महतामपि Pt.2.5. -लीला the manner, gait or character of a hump-backed person; Ś.2.

Dictionary: Apte
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