kube कुबे

Definition: कुबे (वे) रः [कुत्सितं बे (वे) रं शरीरं यस्य सः] 1 The god of riches and treasure and the regent of the northern quarter; कुबेरगुप्तां दिशमुष्णरश्मौ गन्तुं प्रवृत्ते समयं विलङ्घ्य Ku.3.25 (vide Malli. thereon). [Kubera is the son of Viśravas by Iḍāviḍā, and thus the half brother of Rāvaṇa. Besides, being the lord of riches and regent of the north, he is the king of the Yakṣas and Kinnaras, and a friend of Rudra. His abode is Kailāsa. He is represented as being deformed in body-having three legs, only eight teeth, and a yellow mark in place of one eye.] -2 Name of a tree. -Comp. -अक्षी Name of a plant (Mar. सागरगोटी). -अद्रिः, -अचलः an epithet of mountain Kailāsa. -दिश् f. the north. -बान्धवः Name of Śiva.

Dictionary: Apte
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