kta क्त

Definition: kṛt affix त in various senses, called by the name निष्ठा in Pāṇini's grammar along with the affix क्तवतू cf. क्तक्तवतू निष्ठा P.I.1.26.The various senses in which क्त is prescribed can be noticed below : (1) the general sense of something done in the past time as past pass.participle e. g. कृत:, भुक्तम् etc.: cf P. III.2.102; (2) the sense of the beginning of an activity when it is used actively: e. g. प्रकृतः कटं देवदत्तः, cf. P.III.2.102 Vārt. 3; (3) the sense of activity of the present tense applied to roots marked with a mute ञ् as also to roots in the sense of desire, knowledge and worship; e.g.मिन्नः, क्ष्विण्ण:, धृष्ट: as also राज्ञां मतः, राज्ञामिष्टः, राज्ञां बुद्धः; cf. P.III.2.187, 88; (4) the sense of mere verbal activity (भाव) e. g. हसितम्, सहितम्, जल्पितम्, (used always in the neuter gender); cf. P.III.3. 114: (5) the sense of benediction when the word ending in क्त is used as a technical term, e.g. देवदत्तः in the sense of देवा एनं देयासुः. The kṛt affix क्तिन् is also used similarly e.g. सातिः भूतिः मन्ति:; cf. Kāś. on P. III.3.174.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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