kopaḥ कोपः

Definition: कोपः [कुप्-भावे घञ्] 1 Anger, wrath, passion; कोपं न गच्छति नितान्तबलो$पि नागः Pt.1.123; न त्वया कोपः कार्यः do not be angry. -2 (In medicine) Morbid irritation or disorder of the humours of the body; i. e. पित्तकोप, वातकोप. &c. -Comp. -आकुल, -आविष्ट a. enraged, furious. -क्रमः 1 an angry or passionate man. -2 the course of anger. -जन्मन् produced by wrath or anger; बलवानपि कोपजन्मनः Ki.2.37. -दीप्त, -ज्वलित a. inflamed with anger. -पदम् 1 cause of anger. -2 pretended anger. -वशः subjection to anger. -वेगः violence, fury of anger.

Dictionary: Apte
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