kha ख

Definition: tad. affix, always changed into ईन, (l) applied to the word कुल in the sense of a descendant, e.g. कुलीनः, आढ्यकुलीन:; cf. P. IV. 1.139; (2) applied to the words अवार, पार, पारावार and अवारपार in the Śaīṣika senses, e. g. अवारीणः, पारीणः etc.; cf. P.IV.2.93 and Vārttikas 2, 3 on it; (3) applied to words ending in the word वर्ग (which does not mean 'sound' or 'letter') in the sense of 'present there,' e. g. वासुदेववर्गीणः, युधिष्ठिरवर्गीणः; cf. P. IV. 3.64; (4) applied to the words सर्वधुर and एकधुर in the sense of 'bearing,' and to ओजसू, वेशोभग, यशोभग and पूर्व, e.g. ओजसीनः etc., cf. P.IV.4.78, 79, 130, 132, 133; (5) applied in the sense of 'favourable to' to the words आत्मन्, विश्वजन, etc. (P.V.1.9), to विंशतिक, (32) to अाढक, अाचित, पात्र and others (53-55), to समा (85-86), to रात्रि, अहन्, संवत्सर and वर्ष (87-88) and संवत्सर and परिवत्सर (92); e. g. आत्मनीनः, आढकीनः पात्रीणः, समीनः, संवत्सरीणः etc.; (6) to the words सर्वचर्मन्, यथामुख etc. e. g. सर्वचर्मीणः cf. P.V. 2.5 to 17; (7) to the words अषडक्ष, अशितंगु etc. cf. P.V.4.7,8. e. g. अषडक्षीणः. (8) ख is also a technical term in the sense of elision or लोप in the Jainendra Grammar cf. Jain I. 1.61. (9) The word ख is used in the sense of 'glottis' or the hole of the throat (गलबिल) in the ancient Prātiṣākhya works.

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