khaś खश्

Definition: kṛt affix added to the roots यज् (causal), ध्मा, धे,रुज्, वह्, लिह्, पच्, दृश्, तप्, मन् etc. preceded by certain specified upapada words. The root undergoes all the operations such as the addition of the conjugational sign etc. before this खश् on account of the mute letter श् which makes खश् a Sārvadhātuka affix, and the augment म् is added to the preceding उपपद if it is not an indeclinable on account of the mute letter ख्; e. g. जनमेजयः, स्तनंधयः, नाडिंधमः, असूयै. पश्यः पण्डितंमन्यः etc,; cf. Pāṇ. III2.28-37, 83.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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