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Definition: कथा [कथ् नि˚ अ] A tale, story; ˚प्रावीण्यम् U.4. historical knowledge. -2 A fable, feigned story; कथाच्छलेन बालानां नीतिस्तदिह कथ्यते H. Pr.8. -3 An account, allusion, mention; कथापि खलु पापानामलमश्रेयसे यतः Śi.2. 4. -4 Talk, conversation, speech; प्रथमं कृतां कथाम् Ś. 4.1. -5 A variety of prose composition, often distinguished from आख्यायिका; (प्रबन्धकल्पनां स्तोकसत्यां प्राज्ञाः कथां विदुः । परंपराश्रया या स्यात् सा मताख्यायिका बुधैः ॥); see under आख्यायिका also. -6 (In phil.) Disputation. का कथा or कथा with प्रति (what mention) is often used in the sense of 'what need one say of', 'not to mention', 'to say nothing of', 'how much more', or 'how much less'; का कथा बाणसंधाने ज्याशब्देनैव दूरतः । हुंकारेणेव धनुषः स हि विघ्नानपोहति Ś.3.1; अभितप्तमयो$पि मार्दवं भजते कैव कथा शरीरिषु R.8.43; आप्तवागनुमानाभ्भ्यां साध्यं त्वां प्रति का कथा 1.28; Ve.2.25. -Comp. -अनुरागः taking pleasure in conversation; स्मर्तव्यो$स्मि कथान्तरेषु भवता Mk.7.7. -2 another tale. -अवशेष or कथाशेष a. one of whom only the narrative remains, i. e. deceased, dead. -आक्रमः the commencement of a conversation. -आरम्भः commencement of a tale. -आरामः garden of fable. -आलापः speech, conversation. -उदयः the beginning of a tale. -उद्धातः 1 the second of the five kinds of प्रस्तावना, where the first character enters the stage after overhearing and repeating either the words of the manager (सूत्रधार) or their sense; see S. D.29; e. g. in Ratn., Ve. or Mudrārākṣasa. -2 commencement of a tale or narration; आकुमारकथोद्धातं शालिगोप्यो जगुर्यशः R.4.2. -उपकथनम्, -उपाख्यानम् narration, relation, telling a story. -छलम् 1 the guise of a fable. -2 giving a false account. -नायकः, -पुरुषः the hero or leading character of a story; रामायण˚ U.4,6. -पीठम् 1 the introductory part of a tale or story. -2 Name of the first लम्बक or book of the कथासरित्सागर. -प्रबन्धः a tale, fiction, fable. -प्रसङ्ग a. 1 talkative, talking much and foolishly. -2 mad, foolish. (-ङ्गः) 1 conversation, talk or course of conversation; नानाकथाप्रसङ्गावस्थितः H.1; कथाप्रसङ्गेन विवादं किल चक्रतुः Ks.22.181; N.1.35. -2 a curer of poisons (विषवैद्य); कथाप्रसङ्गो वार्तायां विषवैद्ये$पि वाच्यवत् Viśvakoṣa. कथाप्रसंगेन जनैरुदाहृताम् Ki.1.24 (where the word is used in sense 1 also). -प्राणः an actor. -2 a professional story-teller. -मात्र a. One of whom nothing but the narrative is left; deceased, dead. कालेन ते कृताः सर्वे कथामात्राः कथासु च Bhāg.12.2.44. -मुखम् the introductory portion of a story; Pt.1 -योगः course of conversation, talk, discourse. -विपर्यासः changing the course of a story. -विरक्त a. reserved, taciturn, disliking conversation. -शेष a. see कथावशेष.

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