kaphaḥ कफः

Definition: कफः [केन जलेन फलति फल्-ड Tv.] 1 Phlegm, one of the three humours of the body (the other two being वात and पित्त); कफापचयादारोग्यैकमूलमाशयाग्निदीप्तिः Dk.16; प्राणप्रयाणसमये कफवातपित्तैः कण्ठावरोधनविधौ स्मरणं कुतस्ते Udb. -2 A watery foam or froth in general. -Comp. -अरिः dry ginger. -कूर्चिका saliva, spittle. -क्षयः pulmonary consumption. -घ्न, -नाशन, -हर a. removing phlegm, antiphlegmatic; -m. Name of a plant (Mar. लघु शेरणी). -ज्वरः fever caused by excess of phlegm. -वर्धनः Name of a plant (Mar. पिंडी तगर). -विरोधिन् -m. pepper.

Dictionary: Apte
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