kambu कम्बु

Definition: कम्बु a. (-म्बु or -म्बू f.) Spotted, variegated. -म्बुः -म्बु (m., n.) A conch-shell; स्मरस्य कम्बुः किमयं चकास्ति दिवि त्रिलोकीजयवादनीयः N.22.22; Śi.18.54. -म्बुः 1 An elephant. -2 The neck. -3 The variegated colour. -4 A vein of the body. -5 A bracelet; कम्बुकेयूरधारिण्यः Mb.3.233.46. -6 A tube-shaped bone. -Comp. -आतायिन् m. a kind of kite. -कण्ठी a lady having the neck like a conch-shell. -ग्रीवा 1 a conch-shaped neck, (i. e. a neck marked with three lines like a shell and considered as a sign of great fortune). -2 a lady having the neck like the conch-shell.

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