kalana कलन

Definition: कलन a. (at the end of comp.) Causing, effecting. -नः A sort of cane. -नम् 1 A spot, mark. -2 A defect, an offence, fault. -3 Taking, seizing, grasping; कलनात्सर्वभूतानां स कालः परिकीर्तितः. -4 Knowing, understanding, apprehension. -5 Sounding. -6 An embryo at the first stage after conception. -ना 1 Taking, seizing, grasping; कालकलना Ā. L.29. -2 Doing, effecting. -3 Subjection. -4 Understanding, comprehension. -5 Putting on, wearing; also letting loose; चूडाकलनाम् Śi.3.5.

Dictionary: Apte
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