kacchaḥ कच्छः

Definition: कच्छः च्छम् 1 Bank, margin, skirt, bordering region (whether near water or not); यमुनाकच्छमवतीर्णः Pt.1; गन्धमादनकच्छो$ध्यासितः V.5; Śi.3.8; Māl.9.16. -2 A marsh, morass, fen. 'जलप्रायमनूपं स्यात्पुंसि कच्छस्तथाविधः' Nm. -3 The hem of the lower garment tucked intothe waistband; see कक्षा. -4 A part of boat. -5 A particular part of a tortoise (in कच्छप). -6 A tree, the timber of which is used for making furniture of (तुन्न, Mar. नांदुरकी); Mb.1.7.21. -7 A populous region. -च्छा 1 A cricket. -2 The plant Lycopodium Imbricatum (वाराही). -Comp. -अन्तः the border of a lake or stream; marshy place; Ki.7.39; कच्छान्ते सुरसरितो निधाय सेनाम् 12.54. -देशः Name of a place in the South. -पः (-पी f.) 1 a turtle, tortoise; केशव धृतकच्छपरूप जय जगदीश हरे Gīt.1; Ms.1.44,12.42 (thus explained by Durga; कच्छं आत्मनो मुखसंपुटं पाति स हि किंचित् दृष्ट्वा शरीर एव मुखसंपुटं प्रवेशयति). -2 a tumour on the palate. -3 an apparatus used in the distillation of spirituous liquor. -4 an attitude in wrestling. -5 the tree Cedrela Toona (Mar. नांदुरकी) -6 one of the nine treasures of Kubera. (-पी) 1 a female tortoise. -2 a cutaneous disease, wart or blotch. -3 a kind of lute; also the lute of Sarasvatī. -भूः f. marshy ground, morass. -रुहा a kind of grass (दूर्वा).कच्छ kaccha (च्छा cchā) टिका ṭikā कच्छाटी kacchāṭīकच्छ (च्छा) टिका कच्छाटी The end or hem of a lower garment which, after being carried round the body, is gathered up behind and tucked into the waist-band.

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