kabandhaḥ कबन्धः

Definition: कबन्धः न्धम् A headless trunk (especially when it retains life); (स्वं) नृत्यत्कबन्धं समरे ददर्श R.7.51, 12.49; शिवातूर्यनृत्यत्कबन्धे Ve.1.27. यस्य नेष्यति वपुः कबन्धताम् Śi. -न्धः 1 The belly; a large belly-like vessel; वसोः कबन्धमृषभो बिभर्ति Av.9.4.3. -2 A cloud. -3 A comet. -4 Name of Rāhu. -5 Water (said to be n. also in this sense); Śi.16.67. -6 Name of a mighty demon mentioned in the Rāmāyana. [While Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa lived in the Dandkā forest, Kabandha attacked them and was slain by them. It is said that, though at first a heavenly being, he was cursed by Indra to assume the form of a demon and to be in that state till killed by Rāma and Laksmaṇa. He advised Rāma to form friendship with Sugrīva; see Rām.3.69.27 ff.; वधनिर्धूतशापस्य कबन्धस्योपदेशतः । मुमूर्छ सख्यं रामस्य समानव्यसने हरौ ॥ R.12.57].

Dictionary: Apte
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