ka क

Definition: inter. prn. st. (n. V. kád; C. kím) who? what? which? with iva, u, nâma, who indeed? often used in a depreciating sense= as good as none, no one or nothing: kâ½esha kathâ? that is out of the question; kim with in. or gd.=what does -matter? what is the use of -to (g.)? with nu, who pray? with vâ, who possibly? with svid, who or what, I wonder? Indef. prn. 1. with neg. any, any one; 2. with preceding ya and following ka, whosoever, whichever; anysoever, every; with preceding ya and following vâ, anysoever; 3. with kaná, none whatever (often strengthened by negatives); 4. with kana, kid, or api, some, any, a certain (a. or n.): pl. some; kaskid kaskid, the one--the other: pl. some--others.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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