kaśyapa कश्यप

Definition: m. of an ancient sage etc., (a descendant of marīci- and author of several hymns of the ṛg-- veda- ;he was husband of aditi- and twelve other daughters of dakṣa- ;by aditi- he was father of the āditya-s[ see kāśyapeya-] ;and of vivasvat- ;and of viṣṇu- in his vāmana avatāra- ;by his other twelve wives he was father of demons, nāga-s, reptiles, birds, and all kinds of living things;from the prominent part ascribed to him in creation he is sometimes called prajā-pati-;he is one of the seven great ṛṣi-s and priest of paraśu-rāma- and rāma-candra-;he is supposed by some to be a personification of races inhabiting the Caucasus, the Caspian, Kasmir, etc.)