kaśyapaḥ कश्यपः

Definition: कश्यपः a. Having black teeth. -पः 1 A tortoise. -2 A sort of fish. -3 A kind of deer. -4 Name of a Ṛiṣi, the husband of Aditi and Diti, and thus the father both of gods and demons, (so called because he drank कश्य 'liquor'; cf. कश्यपस्तस्य पुत्रो$भूत कश्यपानात् स कश्यपः । Mārk. P.) [He was the son of Marīchi, the son of Brahmā. He bears a very important share in the work of creation. According to Māhabhārataand other accounts, he married Aditi and 12 other daughters of Dakṣa, and begot on Aditi the twelve Ādityas. By his other twelve wives he had a numerous and very diversified progeny : serpents, reptiles, birds, demons, nymphs of the lunar constellation. He was thus the father of gods, demons, men, beasts, birds and reptiles-in fact of all living beings. He is therefore often called Prajāpati]. -Comp. -नन्दनः an epithet of Garuḍa.

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