kaṇva कण्व

Definition: कण्व a. [कण् क्वन्] Ved. 1 Talented, intelligent. -2 Praising; प्र सक्षणो दिव्यः कण्वहोता Rv.5.41.4. -3 Fit to be praised or honoured; Rv.1.115.5. -4 Deaf. -ण्वः 1 Name of a renowned sage, foster-father of Śakuntalā and progenitor of the line of काण्व Brāhmaṇas. He was the author of several hymns of the Ṛig-veda. -2 (Ved.) A peculiar class of evil spirits against whom charms or hymns (Av.2.25) are used; गर्भादं कण्वं नाशय Av.2.25.3. -3 A praiser. -4 The founder of Vedic schools. -ण्वम् Sin, evil. -Comp. -उपनिषद् Name of an upaniṣad. -जम्भन a. consuming or destroying the evil spirits called Kaṇvas (?). -दुहितृ, -सुता Śakuntalā, Kaṇva's daughter. -सखिन् a. Ved. a friend of the Kaṇvas, friendly disposed to them; स इदग्निः कण्वतमः कण्वसखा Rv.1.115.5. -होतृ a. one whose priest is a Kaṇva; प्र सक्षणो दिव्यः कण्वहोता Rv.5.41.4.

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