kaṭiḥ कटिः

Definition: कटिः टी f. [कट्-इन्] 1 The hip. -2 The buttocks (considered by rhetoricians as vulgar and colloquial in these senses; the word कटि in कटिस्ते हरते मनः is said to be ग्राम्य.). -3 An elephant's cheek. -टी Long pepper. -Comp. -कुष्ठम् A kind of leprosy. -कूपः the hollow above the hip, the loins. -तटम् the loins; कटीतटनिवेशितम् Mk.1.27. -त्रम् 1 a cloth girt round the lions. -2 a zone, girdle; किरीटिकेयूरकटित्रकङ्कणम् Bhāg 6.16.3. -3 an ornament of small bells worn round the loins. -4 an armour of the hip or the loins. -देशः the loins. -(टि or टी) प्रोथः the buttocks. -मालिका a woman's zone or girdle. -रोहकः the rider of an elephant (who sits upon the hinder parts of the elephant as distinct from the driver). -शीर्षकः the loins. -शूलः Sciatic pain. -शृङ्खला a girdle furnished with small bells. -सूत्रम् a zone or waistband.

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