kātantrapañjikā कातन्त्रपञ्जिका

Definition: a name usually given to a compendium of the type of Vivaraṇa or gloss written on the Kātantra Sūtras. The gloss written by Durgasiṁha on the famous commentary on the Kātantra Sūtras by Durgasiṁha (the same as the the famous Durgasiṁha or another of the same name) known as दौर्गसिंही वृत्ति is called Kātantra Pañjika or Kātantravivaraṇa. A scholar of Kātantra grammar by name Kuśala has written a Pañjika on दुर्गसिंहृ's वृत्ति which is named प्रदीप, Another scholar, Trivikrama has written a gloss named Uddyota.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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