kṛṣ कृष्

Definition: cl.1 P. k/arṣati-, rarely A1. te- (perf. cakarṣa-,2. sg. ṣitha- ; future karkṣyati-or krakṣy-; kṛṣiṣy- ; karṣṭā-or kraṣṭā- ; Aorist akṛkṣat-[or akārkṣīt-]or akrākṣīt-, Va1rtt. 7; infinitive mood kraṣṭum-), to draw, draw to one's self, drag, pull, drag away, tear etc. ; to lead or conduct (as an army) ; to bend (a bow) ; to draw into one's power, become master of, overpower ; to obtain ; to take away anything (accusative) from any one (accusative) ; to draw or make furrows, plough (A1.) (ind.p. kṛṣṭvā-): cl.6 P. A1. kṛṣ/ati-, te- (parasmE-pada kṛṣ/at-), to draw or make furrows, plough etc. ; A1. to obtain by ploughing ; to travel over : Causal karṣayati-, to draw, drag (Aorist 1. sg. acikṛṣam-) ; to draw or tear out ; to pull to and fro, cause pain, torture, torment etc. ; "to plough" See karṣita-: Intensive (pr. p. and subjunctive 3. sg. c/arkṛṣat-; imperfect tense 3. plural acarkṛṣur-) to plough ; carīkṛṣyate- or Vedic or Veda karīk-, to plough repeatedly ([ confer, compare Lithuanian karszu,pleszau; Russian c8eshu; Latin verro,vello; Gothic falh.])