kṛttikā कृत्तिका

Definition: कृत्तिका (pl.) [कृत्-तिकन् किच्च; Uṇ.3.147] 1 The third of the 27 lunar mansions or asterisms, (consisting of 6 stars) the Pleiades; Bhāg.6.14.3. -2 The six stars represented as nymphs acting as nurses to Kārtikeya, the god of war. -Comp. -अञ्जिः a kind of horse in an Aśvamedha sacrifice having a carriage as an emblem. -तनयः, -पुत्रः, -सुतः epithets of Kārtikeya; अनुगच्छति देवेशं ब्रह्मण्यः कृत्तिकासुतः Mb.3.231.54. -भवः the moon.

Dictionary: Apte
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