jyotis ज्योतिस्

Definition: ज्योतिस् n. [द्युत्-इसुन् आदेर्दस्य जः. ज्युत्-इसुन् वा] 1 Light, lustre, brightness, flash; ज्योतिरेकं जगाम Ś.5.3; R.2. 75; Me.5. -2 Light of Brahman, light regarded as the Supreme spirit; Bg.5.24;13.17; अथ यदतः परो दिवो ज्योतिर्दीप्यते Ch. Up.3.13.7; U.4.18. -3 Lightning. -4 A heavenly body. -5 A heavenly body, a luminary (planet, star &c.); ज्योतिर्भिरुद्यद्भिरिव त्रियामा Ku.7.21; Bg.1.21; H.1.21; Ku.2.19; Ś.7.6. -6 Brightness of the sky, day-light (opp. तमस्). -7 The sun and moon (dual). -8 Light as the divine principle of life, intelligence. -9 The science of the course of heavenly bodies; astronomy. See ज्योतिष. -1 The faculty of seeing. -11 The celestial world. -12 A Cow; ŚB. on MS.1.3.49. -m. 1 The sun. -2 Fire; ज्योति- ष्कल्पोरुकेशरः (मारुतिः) Bk.9.6. -8 An epithet of Viṣṇu. -Comp. -इङ्गः, -इङ्गणः the fire-fly. -कणः a spark of fire. -गणः the heavenly bodies collectively; -चक्रम् the zodiac. -ज्ञः an astronomer of astrologer. -मण्डलम् the stellar sphere. -मिलिन् m. -वी(बी)जम् a fire-fly. -रथः (ज्योतीरथः) the polar star. -लोकः the supreme spirit. -विद् m. an astronomer or astrologer. -विद्या, -शास्त्रम् (ज्योतिःशास्त्रम्) astronomy or astrology. -स्तोमः (ज्योतिष्टोमः) a Soma sacrifice considered as the type of a whole class of sacrificial ceremonies. -ज्योतिष्टोमः A kind of soma sacrifice requiring sixteen priests for its performance. -हस्ता Name of Durgā.

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