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Definition: जि 1 P. (Ātm. when preceded, by परा and वि) (जयति, जिगाय, जिग्ये, अजैषीत्-अजेष्ट, जेतुम्, जित) 1 To conquer, defeat, overcome, vanquish, subjugate; जयति तुलामधिरूढो भास्वानपि जलदपटलानि Pt.1.33; Bk.15.76, 19.2. -2 To surpass, excel; गर्जितानन्तरां वृष्टिं सौभाग्येन जिगाय सा Ku.2.53; R.3.34; Ghaṭ.22; Śi.1.19. -3 To win (by conquest; in gambling or in a law-suit), acquire by conquest, प्रागजीयत घृणा ततो मही R.11.65; (where जि means 'to conquer' also); Ms.7.96. -4 To curb, restrain, control, conquer (as passions). -5 To be victorious, be supreme or pre-eminent (generally used in benedictory stanzas or salutations); जयतु जयतु महाराजः (in dramas); स जयति परिणद्धः शक्तिभिः शक्तिनाथः Māl.5.1; जितमुडुपतिना नमः सुरेभ्यः Ratn.1.5; Bh.2.24; Gīt.1.1. -6 To convict. -7 To overcome or get the better of (as a disease &c.). -8 To expect from (with abl.). -Caus. (जापयति) To cause to win or conquer. -Desid. (जिगीषति) To wish to win, acquire or excel, to vie with, emulate, to seek for; चलति नयान्न जिगीषतां हि चेतः Ki.1.29. With अधि to conquer, defeat, vanquish; Bk.19.2.

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