janya जन्य

Definition: जन्य a. [जन् कर्तरि यत्] 1 To be born or produced. -2 Born, produced. -3 (At the end of comp.) Born from, occasioned by. -4 Belonging to a race or family -5 Vulgar, common. -6 National. -7 Relating to, or fit for men. -न्यः 1 A father. -2 A friend, attendant or relative of a bridegroom; Māl.6.2. -3 A common man. -4 A report, rumour. -न्या 1 Mother's friend, -2 The relation of a bride, a bride's maid; याहीति जन्यामवदत् कुमारी R.6.3. -3 Pleasure, happiness. -4 Affection. -5 a market. -6 The world; जन्या तु मातृसख्यां च मदे हट्टे जने$पि च । लोके जन्तौ ... Nm. -न्यम् 1 Birth, production, creation. -2 That which is born or created, a created thing, an effect (opp. जनक) जन्यानां जनकः कालः Bhāṣā. P.45; जनकस्य स्वभावो हि जन्ये तिष्ठति निश्चितम् Śabdak. -3 The body; तुष्टाव जन्यं विसृजञ्जनार्दनम् Bhāg.1.9.31. -4 A portent occurring at birth. -5 A market, a fair. -6 War, battle; तत्र जन्यं रघोर्घोरं पर्वतीयैर्गणरभूत् R.4.77; चारुणा रमते जन्ये को$भीतो रसिताशिनि Ki.15.23. -7 Censure, abuse. -8 A community, nation. -9 People. -1 Report, rumour.

Dictionary: Apte
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