janaka जनक

Definition: जनक a. (निका f.) [जन्-णिच् ण्वुल्] Generating, producing, causing; क्लेशजनक, दुःखजनक &c. -कः 1 A father, progenitor. -2 Name of a famous king of Videha or Mithilā, foster-father of Sītā. He was remarkable for his great knowledge, good works, and holiness. After the abandonment of Sītā by Rāma, he became an anchorite-indifferent to pleasure or pain-and spent his time in philosophical discussions. The sage याज्ञवल्क्य was his priest and adviser. -Comp. -आत्मजा, -तनया, -नन्दिनी, -सुता epithets of Sītā, daughter of king Janaka.

Dictionary: Apte
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