jan जन्

Definition: जन् 4 Ā. (जायते, जज्ञे, अजनि-अजनिष्ट, जनितुम्, जात; pass. जन्यते or जायते) 1 To be born or produced (with abl. of source of birth); अजनि ते वै पुत्रः Ait. Br.; Ms.1.9; 3.39,41; प्राणाद्वायुरजायत Rv.1.9.12; Ms.1.8; 3.76;1.75. -2 To rise, spring up, grow (as a plant &c.) -3 To be, become, happen, take place, occur; अनिष्टादिष्टलाभे$पि न गतिर्जायते शुभा H.1.6; रक्तनेत्रो$जनि क्षणात Bk.6.32; Y.3.226; Ms.1.99. -4 To be possible, applicable &c. -5 To be born or destined for anything. -Caus. (जनयति) 1 To give birth, beget, cause, produce. -2 To cause, occasion.

Dictionary: Apte
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