jambhaḥ जम्भः

Definition: जम्भः [जभ्-अच्-नुम्] 1 The jaws (usally in pl.). -2 A tooth. -3 Eating. -4 Biting asunder. -5 A part, portion. -6 A quiver. -7 The chin. -8 Yawning, gaping. -9 Name of a demon killed by Indra. -1 One who devours a demon. -11 Explanation, interpretation. -12 The citron tree. -13 The bellows; L. D. B. -Comp. -अरातिः, -द्विष्, -भेदिन्, -रिपुः epithets of Indra. -अरिः 1 fire. -2 Indra's thunderbolt. -3 Indra. -साधक a. possessing knowledge of medicine; इति ते कथयन्ति स्म ब्राह्मणा जम्भसाधकाः Mb.5.64.2.

Dictionary: Apte
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