itara इतर

Definition: इतर pron. a. (-रा f., -रत् n.) 1 Another, the other (of two), the remaining one of the two; इतरो दहने स्वकर्मणाम् R.8.2 v. l. -2 The rest or other (pl.). what is left. इतरदधिकार्थे˚ । MS.7.1.16 (on which शबर writes इतरदधिकार्थे समानमितरत् समानमधिकमित्यर्थः ।). -3 Other than, different fr om (with abl.); इतरताप- शतानि यथेच्छया वितर तानि सहे चतुरानन Udb.; इतरो रावणादेष राघवानुचरो यदि Bk.8.16. -4 Opposite of, either used by itself as an adj. or at the end of comp.; जङ्गमानीत- राणि च Rām.; विजयायेतराय वा Mb.; सुलभेतरसंप्रयोगाम् M.5.3 opposite of, other than easy, difficult; so दक्षिण˚ left; वाम˚ right &c. -5 Low, mean, vulgar, ordinary; इतर इव परिभूय ज्ञानं मन्मथेन जडीकृतः K.154,16,23,273. इतर-इतर the one-the other, this-that. -Comp. -इतर pron. a. respective, reciprocal, one with another (chiefly in oblique cases or in comp.); वियुक्तावितरेतरम् Ms.9.12; ˚काम्यया 3.35; R.7.54. ˚आश्रयः mutual dependence, inter-connection. ˚योगः 1 mutual connection or union, मोदितालिरितरेतरयोगात् Śi.1.24. -2 a variety of the Dvandva compound (opp. समाहारद्वन्द्व) where each member of the compound is viewed separately; as प्लक्षन्यग्रोधौ छिनत्ति. -जनाः (pl.) 1 other men. -2 euphemistically said of certain beings considered as spirits of darkness of which Kubera is one. -जातीय a. Ordinary, common-place.

Dictionary: Apte
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