induḥ इन्दुः

Definition: इन्दुः [उनत्ति क्लेदयति चन्द्रिकया भुवनं उन्द्-उ आदेरिच्च Uṇ.1.12] 1 The moon; दिलीप इति राजेन्दुरिन्दुः क्षीरनिधाविव R.1.12 (इन्दु is said to mean in the Veda a drop of Soma juice, a bright drop or spark; सुतास इन्दवः Rv.1.16.6). -2 The मृगशिरस् Nakṣatra. -3 (in Math.) The number 'one'. -4 Camphor. -5 The point on a die; तेभ्यो व इन्दवो हविषा विधेम Av.7.19.6. -6 Designation of the अनुस्वार. - (pl.) 1 The periodical changes of the moon. -2 The time of moon-light, night. -Comp. -कमलम् the white lotus. -कला 1 a digit of the moon. (These are 16, each of which is mythologically said to be devoured by 16 deities in succession). -2 Name of several plants; अमृता, गुडूची, सोम- लता. -कलिका 1 Name of a plant (केतकी). -2 a digit of the moon. -कान्तः the moon-stone. (-ता) 1 night. -2 Name of a plant (केतकी). -क्षयः 1 waning or disappearance of the moon. -2 the new moon day. Ms.3.122.-जः, -पुत्रः the planet Mercury. (-जा) Name of the river Revā or Narmadā. -जनकः 1 the ocean (the moon being produced amongst other jewels at the churning of the ocean) -2 the sage अत्रि. -दलः a digit, crescent. -पुष्पिका Name of a plant (कलिकारी or जांगली). -भम् 1 the sign called Cancer. -2 the Nakṣatra called मृगशिरस्. -भा a kind of water-lily. -भृत्, -शेखरः, -मौलिः 'the moon-crested god, epithets of Śiva. -मणिः 1 the moon-stone. -2 a pearl. -मुखी A lotus-creeper. -मण्डलम् the orb or disc of the moon. -रत्नम् a pearl. -ले (रे) खा 1 a digit of the moon. -2 Name of several plants, especially, plant Flacourtia Sapida. Its seed is much used by women as a detergent to their oiled hair (Mar. बांवच्या). -3 Ligusticum Ajwaen (Mar. ओंवा). see इन्दुकला. -लोकः the world of the moon. -लोहकम्, लौहम् silver. -वदना A moon-faced lady. Name of a metre; see Appendix. -वल्ली The Soma plant. -वारः a kind of yoga in Astrology. -वासरः Monday. -व्रतम् a religious observance depending on the age of the moon. It consists in diminishing the quantity of food by a certain portion daily, for a fortnight or a month; cf. चान्द्रायण. इन्दुव्रतसहस्रं तु यश्चरेत्कायशोधनम् Mb.13.26.39. -शफरिन् A tree, Bauhinia tomentosa (Mar. आपटा) -सुतः or -सूनुः Name of the planet Mercury.

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