sevana सेवन

Definition: n. 1. [√ sîv] sewing; seam, suture (on the human body; Br., C.); 2. √ sev] frequenting, visiting, resorting to (--°ree;); attending upon, serving, service; honouring, worship, of (--°ree;); sexual intercourse with (--°ree;); addiction to, practice or performance of, indulgence in, employment of (g., gnly. --°ree;); -anîya, fp. to be resorted to (forest); -paid homage to, -courted (youth); -â, f. resorting to (--°ree;); visit; ser vice, of (g., --°ree;, rarely lc.); homage, worship, of (g., --°ree;); deference towards (--°ree;); addiction or devotion, practice, employment, indulgence, frequent enjoyment (to, in, of, --°ree;); sexual intercourse with (--°ree;): -½añgali, m. deferential salutation with folded hands, -dharma, m. duties or obligations of service.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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