sthala स्थल

Definition: m. chapter, section (rare); n. raised ground, elevation; dry land (opp. damp lowland); terra firma, land (opp. water): fig. --°ree; (like tata), region (of prominent parts of the body, breast, etc.); ground, soil; place; case: tathâvidha-sthale, in such a case: -kamala, n. flower of the land lotus (Hibiscus mutabilis); -kamalinî, f. bed of land lotuses (Hibiscus mutabilis); -ga, a. living on dry land; -kara, a. id.; -ga, a.growing or living on dry land; applicable to transport by land (tax); -tâ, f. condition of dry land; -nalinî, f. land lotus (Hibiscus mutabilis); -patha, m. road by land (opp. water way); commerce by land: in. by land (reach a place); -pathî-kri, turn into dry land or a road by land; -padma, n. land lotus (Hibiscus mutabilis); -vartman, n. land-road: in. by land; -varman, m. Name of a prince; -vigraha, m. land-fight.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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