saparyāṇa सपर्याण

Definition: a. saddled; -palâsa, a. covered with leaves (branch; Br., S.); -pâ da, a. together with a quarter: -laksha, m. or n. one hundred and twenty-five thousand; -pâla, a. attended by a herdsman; -pinda, a. sharing the funeral cake, related to any one (g.) as far as the sixth generation: -tâ, f. kinship as far as the sixth generation; -pind î-karana, n. turning into a Sapinda relative, admission to orperformance of the first Srâd dha after a death; -pitrika, a. together with the father or fathers; -pitri-râganya, a. to gether with the royal members among the fathers; -pidhâna, a. provided with a lid; -putra, a. together with one's son or children; -with the calf: -ka, a. (ikâ) together with one's little son, -dâra, a. with son and wife; -pulaka, a. bristling, thrilled: -m, ad.; -pushpa, a. flowering (tree); -pûrva, a. possessed by one's ancestors; together with the preceding letter.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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