saṃdhā संधा

Definition: f. V.: compact, agreement; C.: promise; intention; limit; -dhâtavya, fp. to be entered into an alliance with; n. imps. one (in.) should form an alliance, with (saha); -dh&asharp;na, a. uniting, healing (rare); m. Name of a minister; n. joining, uniting; junction, union; bringing together, assem bling; point of contact, joint; fixing an arrow (on the bowstring, in.); combination of words (sts.=samdhi, euphonic coalescence); recon cilement, conclusion of peace, alliance, league, friendly relations, with (in. ± saha); com pounding, mixing, distilling: -m âyâtah, having received admission (messenger); -dhâ nîya, fp. to be entered into an alliance with; -dhâ-ya, gd. having come to terms (with an opponent): -gamana, n. march --, -½âsana, n. halt, after terms have been agreed upon; -dhâyin, a. fixing arrows; -dhârana, n. bearing, in (--°ree;); holding together, support ing (life, --°ree;); -dhâranîya, fp. to be main tained or kept alive; -dhârya, fp. to be borne; -kept (servant); -maintained or observed.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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