saṃdhinigrahadvāreṇa संधिनिग्रहद्वारेण

Definition: in. by means of uniting and getting at variance with (g.); -mat, a. living in peace; leagued, allied; m. N.; -mati, m. Name of a minister; -vigraha-ka, m. minister of alliances (= foreign affairs) and of war; -vigraha-kây astha, m. secretary of foreign affairs and of war; -vigraha-kârya½adhikârin, m. du. ministers of foreign affairs and of war; -vid, a. acquainted with alliances; -velâ,f. time of twilight; -sambhava, a. produced by eu phonic combination; m. diphthong; -sarp ana, n. crawling through narrow passages.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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