iḍā इडा

Definition: इडा ला [इल्-अच्, वा लस्य डत्वम्] 1 The earth; प्रवुध्यते नूनमिडातलस्थः Mb. -2 Speech. -3 An offering, libation (coming between प्रयाज and अनुयाज); अग्निश्चते योनिरिडा च देहः Mb.3.114.28. -4 Refreshing draught. -5 (Hence) Food. -6 (Fig.) Stream or flow of praise or worship personified as the goddess of sacred speech; इडोपहूताः क्रोशन्ति कुञ्जरास्त्वङ्कुशेरिताः Mb.12.98.26. -7 Libation and offering of milk. -8 A cow. इडेरन्ते &c. ŚB. on MS. 1.3.49. -9 Name of a goddess, daughter of Manu. (She is the wife of Budha and mother of Purūravas; she is also called मैत्रावरुणी as the daughter of मित्र and वरुण). -1 Name of Durgā -11 Heaven. -12 A tubular vessel (नाडीभेद), (being in the right side of the body).

Dictionary: Apte
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