iṣṭha इष्ठ

Definition: the superlative tad. affix इष्ठन् in the sense of अतिशायन or अतिशय (excellence). The commentators, however, say that the taddhita affixes तम and इष्ठ,like all the taddhita affixes showing case-relations, are applied without any specific sense of themselves, the affixes showing the sense of the base itself (स्वार्थे); e. g गुरुतमः, गरिष्ठः; पटुतमः, पठिष्ठः; पचतितमाम्, कर्तृतमः, करिष्ठः etc.; cf. P.V.3.55-64 The affixes ईयस् and इष्ठ are applied only to such substantives which denote quality; cf. P.V.3.58.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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