hotṛ होतृ

Definition: m. (fr.1. hu-) an offerer of an oblation or burnt-offering (with fire), sacrificer, priest, (especially) a priest who at a sacrifice invokes the gods or recites the ṛg-veda-, a ṛg-veda- priest (one of the 4 kinds of officiating priestSee ṛtvij-,p.224;properly the hotṛ- priest has 3 assistants, sometimes called puruṣa-s, viz. the maitrā-varuṇa-, acchā-vāka-, and grāvastut-; to these are sometimes added three others, the brāhmaṇācchaṃsin-, agnīdhra- or agnīdh-, and potṛ-, though these last are properly assigned to the Brahman priest;sometimes the neṣṭṛ- is substituted for the grāva-stut-) etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV.
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