hetu हेतु

Definition: m. [impulse: √ hi] cause, motive, of (lc., --°ree;, rarely d., g.; very rare in V.); C.: reason, argument, proof (in logic = second part of the five-membered syllogism); means; price (rare); condition, sine quâ non (of sub sistence); manner (rare); agent of the causa tive verb (gr.); primary cause (opp. pratyaya, secondary cause: B.); cause of the bondage of the soul, world of sense, nature (among the Pâsupatas); short speech setting forth the requisite conditions for the attainment of an end (dr.): in. hetunâ, ab. g. hetoh, rarely also d. or lc., for a cause or reason, by reason of, on account of (g., --°ree;); yato hetoh, because; iti hetoh, for this reason; --°ree; a. having -as a cause, caused, impelled, or attracted by: -ka, (--°ree;) a. (î) causing, producing; caused or produced by; -tâ, f. causation; -tva, n. id.; state of being the reason orthe primary cause; agency of the causal verb; -mat, a. having a cause, caused; provided with reasons or proofs, well-founded; open to argument; -mâtra-tâ, f. condition of being a mere means; -mâtra-maya, a. serving only as a means; -rûpaka, n. reasoned metaphor; -vidyâ, f. dialectics, logic; -sâstra, n. id.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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