heḍ हेड्

Definition: or heḷ- (see hel-and hīḍ-) cl.1 A1. heḍate-, heḷate-, helate-, to be or make angry or hostile (krudhyati-karman- ; only occurring in /a-heḷat-, lamāna-,and ḷayat-,qq. vv.) ; to act or treat carelessly or frivolously (anādare- ; only in heḍamāna- ; helamāna- ; and Causal helayati-, te-[ see vi-hel-] perfect tense helayām-āsa- ) ; cl.1 P. heḍati- (perfect tense jiheḍa-etc. grammar), to surround, clothe, attire : Causal heḍayati- (Aorist ajiheḍat-or ajīhiḍat-; see under hīḍ-) grammar

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Naigh. ii , 14, Dha1tup. viii , 32, R., MBh., ib., Dha1tup. xix , 16
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