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Definition: ह ind. An emphatic particle used to lay stress on the preceding word and translateable by 'verily', 'indeed', 'certainly', &c.; but it is often used expletively without any particular signification, especially in Vedic literature; तस्य ह शतं जाया बभूवुः; तस्य ह पर्वतनारदौ गृह उषतुः &c. Ait. Br.; द्वया ह प्राजापत्या देवाश्चासुराश्च Bṛi. Up.1.3.1. It is sometimes used as a vocative particle and rarely of disdain or laughter. -हः 1 A form of Śiva. -2 Water. -3 Sky. -4 Blood. -5 A cipher. -6 Meditation. -7 Auspiciousness. -8 Paradise. -9 Heaven. -1 Drying. -11 Fear. -12 Knowledge. -13 The moon. -14 Name of Viṣṇu. -15 War, battle. -16 A horse. -17 Pride. -18 Horripilation. -19 A physician. -2 Cause, motive. -हम् 1 The Supreme Spirit. -2 Pleasure, delight. -3 A weapon. -4 The sparkling of a gem. -5 The sound of a lute (-m. also according to some in these senses).

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